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Variations, Dimensions and Files

Width: 5 1/2
Height: 39
Pitch: Rich Brown, Bordeaux, Bold Rouge Dusted

Product Description

Adding stone or brick accents is easier than ever with our hand-finished masonry panels. Durable, lightweight, and remarkably realistic, they’re a cinch to install: with a screw gun and adhesive, you’ll have the manicured look of masonry in mere minutes. There’s no dusty stonework mess, no waiting on subcontractors, no worrying about the weather.

And nobody will be the wiser, because your project will have all the nuances of real masonry – right down to the texture of the mortar. We make our molds from natural material and paint each high-density, closedcell polyurethane panel by hand so that just as in nature, no two are the same.

Nu-Wood masonry products can be used for exterior and interior applications. Think of the dramatic impact in an entry hall, living or dining area.

Our masonry columns also add sophistication to porch and landscape projects. Just slide the lightweight column over a 4x4 post, then add adhesive and screws. Fencing and signage attach easily.

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