Finishing & Repairing Instructions

Nu-Wood has a two-coat factory finish on all parts. The first coat is chemically bonded to the urethane followed by a second coat of an exterior grade finish. This results in an elegant finish, which offers several years of maintenance free beauty. Since urethane doesn’t absorb moisture, the finish is not subject to splitting, cracking or peeling such as wood millwork would be.



Unfinished urethane surface should not be left exposed to any sunlight. It is important to patch and finish all nail/screw holes, cut edges and any damaged areas that may be exposed. This may be done with any paintable exterior grade caulk or wood putty. Once dry, simply sand smooth and finish with an exterior grade paint. If exposed to ultraviolet light, urethane will yellow and darken over time.



If an item should get broken, Nu-Wood Adhesive is recommended for the repair. To simplify your repair efforts, mount the item by installing the broken pieces separately, using adhesive at the joint. Whenever possible, a combination of screws and adhesive should be used for repair. Once the adhesive is dry, sand the area, patch the seam and touch up with paint if necessary. Auto body filler can also be used to repair damaged product.



If you choose to re-paint Nu-Wood, please follow these steps:
  1. Before painting, lightly scuff the factory finish with a fine grit sand paper or steel wool. Avoid breaking the surface as it will require patching before repainting.
  2. Clean all surfaces with mineral spirits or similar solvent.
  3. Wipe surface with a clean lint free cloth. Be sure the surface is dry and free from dust.
  4. Once the surface is prepared, finish in a similar manner as wood. For exterior millwork, use only the highest quality exterior grade paint possible.