PVC Column Wrap Install Instructions

  1. Unbox the column wrap. DO NOT disassemble the one non-glued side of the column from the three other sides until AFTER step #2. You should however remove the trim pieces from inside the column wrap.
  2. Measure the vertical space in which the column wrap will be mounted. Cut the new unboxed column wrap to 1/8” – 1/4 ” shorter than the available space using a saw of your choosing.
  3. Separate the unglued side of the column so that you have a three-sided assembly and a separate single side.
  4. The column will be larger than the column it is going around. Use 1-by or 2-by framing material as “shims” to position the column wrap’s footprint exactly where you want it. Use deck screws or other exterior screws to attach the shims to the top and bottom of the support post.
  5. Dry-fit to ensure the column wrap is in the proper location and the length is cut to the proper dimension.
  6. Attach the three-sided column wrap assembly to the post/ shims at the top and bottom ENSURE THAT THE TRIM WILL COVER WHERE YOU PUT THE SCREWS.
  7. Place a small amount of Accent Bond glue (available separately) on the mating surfaces of the single side and snap into place on the three-sided assembly.
  8. Glue the trim in place with Accent Bond. Immediately clean any excess Accent Bond from the corners of the Column Wrap with a paper towel or shop towel.