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Decorative Accents

Craft a home of character with Nu-Wood decorative millwork. It supplies the beautiful, customized look you want, with the performance you need as it will NEVER need to be repainted because of craking, peeling or blistering.

Exterior Accents

Craving curb appeal? Exterior accents are the answer! Make a
fabulous first impression with these dramatic finishing touches.

PVC Column Wraps

Our decorative PVC column wraps come in both straight and tapered designs, custom sized for your project. Weather-proof materials, sturdy construction and a sleek white surface make them maintenance free.

Window Features

Headers, sunrises, pediments, trims – you’ll find them all in the size and style that will give your home or business that extra boost of curb appeal. We manufacture headers from 3” to 18” tall, straight or curved. Keystone and dentil options can be incorporated into many of our header models.


Homebuilders know it’s the details that make a room feel finished and inviting.
That’s why moulding and trim make such a difference. They deliver a crisp, clean appearance that can elevate the entire space. And that adds value to the home.


The best house on the block almost always has shutters. They’re a simple way to transform that first impression from ho-hum to a head-turning “Hello!”

Entry Systems

Just as a beautiful frame can enhance a painting, an attractive front door can enhance a building, adding character and exuding a warm sense of welcome.

Masonry Products

Adding stone or brick accents is easier than ever with our hand-finished masonry panels. Durable, lightweight, and remarkably realistic, they’re a cinch to install: with a screw gun and adhesive, you’ll have the manicured look of masonry in mere minutes. There’s no dusty stonework mess, no waiting on subcontractors, no
worrying about the weather.