Smooth Ball Finial

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Elevate your home's exterior aesthetics with the timeless charm of Smooth Ball Finial Exterior Accents. These exquisite embellishments redefine the art of curb appeal by seamlessly blending a sleek and modern design with the enduring strength of premium High Density Polyurethane material.

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Variations, Dimensions and Files






3 1/4

5 1/4

3 1/4


5 1/8

6 15/16

5 1/8

Product Description

The smooth surface exudes elegance while offering exceptional resistance to the elements, ensuring that these exterior accents remain captivating and low-maintenance focal points for years to come. With Smooth Ball Finial Exterior Accents, transform your home's outdoor spaces into a visual masterpiece, welcoming residents and guests with a touch of refined sophistication that sets your home apart.

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