Are you craving the look of brick, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of brick-and-mortar installation? We’ve got the perfect solution. Brick faux masonry panels from Nu-Wood. Select from three different styles for your next project: Original Brick, Classic Brick or Weathered Brick. Then choose the hand-glazed color that works best for you: Bold Rouge Dusted, Rich Brown Dusted or Bordeaux. Lightweight and easy to install, our faux brick panels feature interlocking joints for side-to-side installation with overlapping top and bottom ledges. And, to assure an authentic look, a variety of profile molds are used for each panel design to eliminate repeat patterns. We even offer brick corners in left and right versions to make your project installation go smoothly and quickly. (Click HERE for installation instructions.) Need columns to accent your project? No problem. Nu-Wood offers brick faux columns in sizes of 8″ x 44″, 16″ x 39″, 20″ x 50″ and 20″ x 73″ with matching colors to the faux panels offered. Our Made in America faux brick panels, corners and columns each receive individual attention at our manufacturing facility in Indiana. That’s where every piece is hand-glazed and perfectly finished for your project needs. Durable and maintenance-free, Nu-Wood faux brick products enhance the look and value of any project from accent walls to exterior skirting. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the pieces are impact-resistant and molded from a resilient closed-cell structural polyurethane. And, our durable pieces are fade-resistant and will never rot, crack or attract insects.
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